3 in1 Fahrradtaschen

Functionality and design: functional and practical bicycle bags are in trend.

Funktionalität und Design: Funktionale und praktische Fahrradtaschen liegen im Trend. - Thollbeck

Teaser: With THOLLBECK we have developed a 3in1 sustainable bike bag that not only looks stylish, but is also multifunctional and environmentally friendly. Whether as a bicycle bag, backpack or shoulder bag - with THOLLBECK you are always flexible on the go. Through the use of sustainable materials and production in Europe, THOLLBECK is not only a practical companion, but also a statement for sustainability and environmental protection.

Details: THOLLBECK is a multifunctional bicycle bag that can be transformed into a backpack or a shoulder bag in a matter of seconds. It consists of sustainable materials such as recycled PET and vegan leather and is produced under fair conditions in Europe. Thanks to the robust material and the water-repellent coating, THOLLBECK is a reliable companion even in bad weather.

The bike bag has a large main compartment in which a 15 inch laptop and other utensils can be stowed. Two additional compartments on the front offer space for smaller items such as a mobile phone, keys or wallet. The padded back part and the adjustable shoulder straps turn the bike bag into a comfortable backpack in no time at all, which is also comfortable to carry on longer tours. For a quick change to a shoulder bag, the shoulder straps can be easily removed and the carrying strap attached.

THOLLBECK is not only a practical companion, but also a statement for sustainability and environmental protection. We rely on durable materials and production under fair conditions to make a contribution to protecting our environment. With THOLLBECK you not only have a stylish and flexible bicycle bag, but also a good feeling when carrying it.

Keywords: sustainable, bicycle bag, backpack, shoulder bag, recycled PET, vegan, fairly produced, water-repellent, durable, environmental protection.

Experience a new era of cycling with THOLLBECK's 3in1 sustainable bike bag - practical, environmentally friendly & chic. Convince yourself!

THOLLBECK presents: The ultimate 3in1 bike bag for stylish & sustainable mobility. Let yourself be convinced and order today!

Discover THOLLBECK, the innovative 3in1 sustainable bicycle bag for environmentally conscious cyclists! Save space & protect the environment. Shop now!

With THOLLBECK you have more than just a bicycle bag - you have a statement for sustainability and functionality. Our 3in1 bags are not only manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, they also offer you the option of using them as a backpack or shoulder bag. With THOLLBECK you are always stylish on the move and at the same time actively contribute to protecting our environment. Experience the advantages of a sustainable bicycle bag with THOLLBECK now - convince yourself of the quality and comfort on our website.

Discover the ultimate bike accessory now: the THOLLBECK 3in1 sustainable bike bag. With our product you combine environmentally conscious action with practical functionality. Because our bag is not only a stylish accessory, but also fulfills three functions: it serves as a handlebar bag, shoulder bag and backpack. We attach great importance to sustainability and only use recycled materials. Convince yourself of our promise of quality and experience an incomparable bike ride with THOLLBECK!

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