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Frequently asked questions about the 3-in-1 bike backpack


What are the dimensions of the 3-in-1 pannier?

The THOLLBCK bike bag is approx. 29 centimeters wide, 18 centimeters deep and weighs 1450 grams. Fully unrolled, it reaches a height of 63 centimeters. In the smallest mode, it shrinks to up to 46 centimeters. Practical for short trips as hand luggage or camping.



Simply wash a damp cloth with soap.


What fits in?

Actually everything that doesn't go beyond the dimensions! Our backpack is designed for a load of up to 9 kilograms.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes! Our 60-day satisfaction guarantee includes a return policy. If your IMPULS 3-1 breaks during this time or you are simply not satisfied with it, send it back to us and get your money refunded or an exchange.


Can I exchange the pannier with backpack function?

Yes: If your model arrives damaged or you have another reason for the exchange, contact us at service(at)thollbeck.de


Which bike carrier can I attach the bag to?

On almost everyone: The fastening system for clicking in adapts to the diameter of your luggage rack. From 5 to 18 millimeters in diameter, the side pocket will therefore hold on any pole. You should only measure once in the case of particularly thick luggage racks, e-bikes with batteries and folding bikes.


What are the exact dimensions of the Big X transport bag?

The 2-in-1 bike bag weighs a total of 900 grams. The detachable pannier bag is 37 x 31 x 14 centimeters in size. You can chauffeur up to 9.5 kilograms of goods in it - with two side pockets instead of one on one, twice as much. The shopping bag even holds 51 x 31 x 20 centimeters. But you can simply fold it up so that it hardly takes up any space.


Can I exchange Big X?

Yes: If your model arrives damaged or you have another reason for the exchange,

contact us at service@thollbeck.de