About Us

Traveling with our 22-year-old camper van Wolfgang - "Wolfi" for short - is our hobby.
After one of our trips in the wild nature, we became aware of our way of life day in and day out.
Do our consumption habits actually have fatal effects on people, animals and the environment? After a lot of research and discussions, it was clear to us in January 2012: "From now on we will live minimalistically and free of animal suffering!" For us it was one of the best decisions of our lives, because we can actively contribute to a better world every day.
In the beginning we fought our way through the consumer jungle and needed a lot of time for our purchase decisions and didn't always find what we wanted.
Bags in particular should be able to meet all of our requirements: beautiful appearance, functionally well thought-out, vegan and made from robust, environmentally friendly raw materials.
There was no suitable bag for us. We decided to take the project into our own hands.


Since then we have been obsessed with designing new and durable everyday favorites with eco-friendly raw materials together with our customers.
With our products, we want to encourage people to question their own consumer behavior and values ​​in order to make the world a better place hand in hand.


Let's clean the planet.

Your backpack helps rid our environment of plastic waste. It is made from Ocean Bound Plastic collected from shores and the sea. We also donate part of the proceeds to the TONTOTON association: it collects non-recyclable plastic on the coasts of Asia and disposes of it correctly - for a cleaner world.

Our goal for customers is:

With our products we want:

  • Excellent prices
  • Excellent products
  • Excellent customer service


Do you have any questions.

Write to us by email at service@thollbeck.de. Or under our FAQ page many questions are already answered.

We love cycling in nature.

We wish you exciting adventures and lots of fun with THOLLBECK.

Your THOLLBECK founder

Julia & Tim

THOLLBECK ® with Love in the heart of Bavaria - We love freedom - #  Zero waste is our philosophy.