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Why IMPULS 3-1 panniers are indispensable

Everyone knows that a pannier is very important. But the entire bike does not always have to be transported. There are many different variants of a bicycle bag. Each also has its own individual strengths. Today we would like to give you a few more tips when it comes to choosing the right pannier.

Many people want to make their panniers bigger and bigger.

You can use the bag in 3 different ways. The classic 3 in 1 bicycle bag is always there for every location. The 3 in 1 bike bag as a backpack, messenger and bike bag for the luggage rack is a very good choice.

The 3 in 1 bike bag is not just a gift for everyone. A good choice for those who like to have more than just 1 pannier. The 3 in 1 bike bag is ideal for replacing several bike bags. So you always have your bike within reach. The bicycle is the German symbol of modern life. Many use it for transport, but also as a towing vehicle or for excursions. The bicycle is an absolute must-have and is becoming increasingly popular.

One click on the luggage rack. Here we go.

What's stopping you? Your 3-in-1 pannier is not. Because there is a sophisticated click system on the back of your backpack: Simply click on your luggage rack with one hand and off you go. If you don't need it, it disappears in your backpack.

The luggage carrier backpack fits any luggage carrier with a diameter of 18 mm - standard on almost all bicycles. The hook rail is removable and reversible and you can rotate the locking hook 360 degrees.

For laptop, soda and charging cable.

Everything you need in everyday life disappears into your IMPULS 3-1. Well sorted: Your 17-inch notebook in the laptop compartment. Your smartphone in the organizer compartment inside. The sports drink in the side pocket with bottle holder. Or keys and charging cable ready to hand in the outside pocket.

You decide how much you stow away with the roll top: 27 liters fit in with a maximum height of 63 centimeters.

Waterproof. Even if it pours.

We protect your IMPULS 3-1 twice against rain and snow: Firstly, the outer shell is PU-coated, making it water-repellent. Secondly, the seams are welded extra watertight. Not a drop escapes.

We take care of you.

Your safety and health come first. That's why bright reflectors throw back the light from headlights and the like on all sides. The soft back panel with ventilation channels protects your back, especially on warm summer days. The padded shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit on your shoulders.

Why 2 in 1 bike bag BIG X bike bags is indispensable.

Automobile? Bike with pannier bag!

Everything you maneuver through the city every day fits into your bike bag on the back of the luggage rack: drinks bottles, planters, packages, laptop, bulky purchases. A single, extra-sturdy bag packs more than 30 liters of volume or up to 9.5 kilograms. Do you have big plans? Then double your volume with a Big X on each side.

No matter for short or long distances: Avoid traffic jams and have fun doing it. A good feeling to minimize CO2 emissions and thus make a contribution to climate protection. And best of all: Regular cycling with your own muscle power will keep you fit and sporty - your health will thank you.

Spontaneously in the city? Get out the shopping bag.

In your bike bag you will find the large extra shopper that you can take out. Done strolling? Then simply fold it up and stow it in the pannier bag with the Velcro fastener.

Ready with one hand thanks to the click system.

Lightning fast, one hand - the Big X is already securely locked into place on your luggage rack. Now adjust the lower locking hook and you're good to go. With Easy-Secure® system: you simply click on or off the bag. And you're sorted easily and quickly in other ways, too: The front pocket has a large zipped compartment with two practical inside pockets.

Waterproof, sustainable and super safe.

The advantage of relying on recycled plastic? It's not just up to Mother Nature. You too benefit, for example from the water-repellent properties. If it's pouring out of buckets, you protect your transported goods with the rain cover. Of course, both layers are highly reflective to increase your safety on the road.

Let's clean the planet.

Your backpack helps rid our environment of plastic waste. It is made from Ocean Bound Plastic collected from shores and the sea. We also donate part of the proceeds to the TONTOTON association: it collects non-recyclable plastic on the coasts of Asia and disposes of it correctly - for a cleaner world.